status report

i have returned to america. being here less than 24 hours, i was hired as a quality control inspector for southeastern mechanical services in their fabrication shop. we make parts for giant boilers for power plants. i inspect welds and materials. it's pretty badass and the pay is alright.

the downside, i'm back in florida, living in my parents' house. and i work about 70+hours/week. monday-saturday, 9am-9pm. go me.

this is quite possibly the coolest thing that has ever happened to me...

i was on the tube tonight, on my way back from school to meet some friends for their going away party. we depart the next to last station for me (angel) when the door between the cars opens.

in walks this older gentleman with an overcoat slung over his shoulder. he's wearing black pants and a black jacket with white cowboy style embroidery on the collarbone area. he's got an old ruffled tuxedo shirt with the top button undone. a salt and pepper pompadour and leathery face. top it all off, bright red patent leather shoes.

he walks right past me (i'm standing in the doorway) and stops opposite me. drops the overcoat to reveal a black acoustic guitar. winks at me. then proceeds to play FOLSOM PRISON BLUES.

it was like a fucking david lynch movie. people looked, but i seemed to be the only one that new the song, and he was looking at me the whole time. right when we pulled up at the next station, the song ends. he sang "let that lonesome whistle, blow my blues away" as i stepped off the train.

(incidentally, kat barret (whom will forever be a saint no matter what she does for doing this) called me and held up the phone so i could hear this song the last time johnny cash ever played it live.)
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to everyone that sent words of encouragement/sympathy/support and to all my friends...

i cannot begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. it's been an unimaginably rough month for me, and your words really made me feel as though i wasn't on the other side of the world. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i will try to get back to you all individually, but it's been insanely busy between finals and having to go back to florida to give a eulogy at the memorial. and now i have to dive back into school (my dissertation topic is due on thursday)

on a lighter note:
corey made a joke about me going bald in his eulogy.
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