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the dot-to-dot log book of who we were is not a fixed text [entries|friends|calendar]
the cza

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status report [17 Oct 2008|12:29am]
i have returned to america. being here less than 24 hours, i was hired as a quality control inspector for southeastern mechanical services in their fabrication shop. we make parts for giant boilers for power plants. i inspect welds and materials. it's pretty badass and the pay is alright.

the downside, i'm back in florida, living in my parents' house. and i work about 70+hours/week. monday-saturday, 9am-9pm. go me.
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I'm DONE!!! [29 Sep 2008|03:03am]

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cabin fever has set in. [31 Aug 2008|12:44pm]

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hackney is for lovers [26 Aug 2008|02:12am]

this was filmed about 2 blocks from my house.
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i've started a new project [16 Jun 2008|02:21am]
it's to document my work on my dissertation.
check it out if you want.
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procrastination has fully set in. [11 Jun 2008|09:04pm]
fall from grace

this pretty much sums up how i feel right now. [06 May 2008|06:37am]
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my name is cary, and i'm a motorcycle addict [21 Feb 2008|01:20am]
i just can't help myself.

she comes home this weekend. and then i'm gonna tear her to shreds and build something MEAN.
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this is quite possibly the coolest thing that has ever happened to me... [06 Feb 2008|04:42am]
i was on the tube tonight, on my way back from school to meet some friends for their going away party. we depart the next to last station for me (angel) when the door between the cars opens.

in walks this older gentleman with an overcoat slung over his shoulder. he's wearing black pants and a black jacket with white cowboy style embroidery on the collarbone area. he's got an old ruffled tuxedo shirt with the top button undone. a salt and pepper pompadour and leathery face. top it all off, bright red patent leather shoes.

he walks right past me (i'm standing in the doorway) and stops opposite me. drops the overcoat to reveal a black acoustic guitar. winks at me. then proceeds to play FOLSOM PRISON BLUES.

it was like a fucking david lynch movie. people looked, but i seemed to be the only one that new the song, and he was looking at me the whole time. right when we pulled up at the next station, the song ends. he sang "let that lonesome whistle, blow my blues away" as i stepped off the train.

(incidentally, kat barret (whom will forever be a saint no matter what she does for doing this) called me and held up the phone so i could hear this song the last time johnny cash ever played it live.)
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to everyone that sent words of encouragement/sympathy/support and to all my friends... [19 Jan 2008|02:18am]
i cannot begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. it's been an unimaginably rough month for me, and your words really made me feel as though i wasn't on the other side of the world. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i will try to get back to you all individually, but it's been insanely busy between finals and having to go back to florida to give a eulogy at the memorial. and now i have to dive back into school (my dissertation topic is due on thursday)

on a lighter note:
corey made a joke about me going bald in his eulogy.
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i've been hanging in there [02 Jan 2008|06:56pm]
but i received a package in the mail today from my dead grandfather.

i wasn't prepared for anything like that. he mailed it to me a month and a half ago. it was a sign/certificate that he bartered off a bartender in bermuda in the 70's and had hanging up in his house for as long as i can remember. it was a silly old gibberish riddle. but sometime in early november he took it out of the frame, rolled it up, and mailed it to me. the royal mail lost it and it didn't get delivered until this week. but i go to pick up my mail from my old apt, and there's his handwriting.

i miss him so much.
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i lost one of my heroes today [25 Dec 2007|11:36pm]
sam cleague feild, jr. (1927-2007)

i miss you so goddamn much gramps.
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i got a new house! [23 Dec 2007|02:25am]
pics forthcoming, but it's totally awesome.

for those keeping score at home, my new address is:
18 colenso road
e5 0sh

so you know, mail me shit.
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thoughts from my paper research [20 Dec 2007|04:14pm]
i'm writing a paper on the kantian sublime and how it relates to modernism/post-modernism, mainly lyotard's interpretations of it with regards to barnett newman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnett_Newman). now, as much as i'm not sure how i feel about abstract expressionism or newman himself, i have discovered one thing that makes him bad ass.

look at that mustache. i mean, the dude was one of the biggest names in american painting, and he still looked like a german tourist. it's fucking fantastic. totally unconcerned with looking cool. there's this great picture of him and rothko and pollock and some other avant-garde types in a jazz cafe in harlem in the 50's. it's a bunch of really slick black dudes and smoothly dressed artists, and then newman with a fucking handlebar mustache and a high vested three-piece suit. fucking fantastic.

on a side note, i'm losing my mind.
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"be brilliant" [11 Dec 2007|03:25pm]
i'm having one of those moments/week of pure panic where i wonder what the hell i'm doing in grad school and that i'm really just a hack that's managed to bluff my way through college on my ability to talk around subjects without actually talking about them.
sometimes i feel like i don't understand ANYTHING. and i have nightmares about mad deleuzeans telling me i'm not good enough.

did you know that the last song hank williams ever recorded was "i'll never get out of this world alive"? something to think about.
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we lost another american hero [30 Nov 2007|10:28pm]
i propose a toast to one of the baddest mother fuckers to roam this earth.

more to come on why evel was so cool.
fall from grace

i've been here for 2 months now.... [23 Nov 2007|04:57am]
thoughts from sitting around my flat:

they don't have thanksgiving in england.

i can't believe where i'm at right now, and i can honestly say that i wouldn't be here without you guys. in some cases i mean that quite literally. i never would have packed up my house or applied for grad school or had a place to keep my shit or gotten to the airport. but you guys have really been there for me and i can't thank you enough.

my friends are my family, and it kills me to be away from you, especially on days like today.
i miss you all very much and am doing my best to make you proud.
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why i'm probably having a hard time finding a new place to live [13 Nov 2007|12:43am]
excerpt from an email i sent out:
speaking of which, can you tell me some more about the place, like
where exactly it is, so i can look it up on a map? if you have any
pictures that would be great. is there a lounge? are the floors wood
or carpet? i'm a satanist and occasionally i'll perform human
sacrifice. is that okay in the common area, or am i going to have to
keep that confined to my room?
i'm kidding of course. i know to keep it in my room.
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update on the update... [24 Sep 2007|11:05pm]

my new address
the dread pirate cary
9 st. andrews mansions
163 lower clapton road
hackney, london e5 8ex

send me cool shit!
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update from london [24 Sep 2007|08:48am]
this place is so fucking weird. nothing is free. nothing. like nowhere has free wi-fi, cell, sorry, mobile phone calls? forget about it. it's fucking crazy because cell phone culture is HUGE here, but it's expensive as fuck. there's no such thing as free nights and weekends or unlimited texts. people would shit a brick if metro pcs opened here. things are looking up. i think i found an apt. gonna go put a deposit in today and hopefully move in tomorrow so i don't have to stay in this hostel much longer. however, it's in hackney. it's a cool borough, but it's also been voted "the most likely place to hear gunshots in all of britain". haha! you can take the hood out of the boy, but you can't seem to take the boy out of the hood. "vegan" is a totally foreign word to these people. it's pretty difficult. but i get by. i'm on a mission though. i've had the best indian food i've ever eaten, but now i'm on a hunt:
-good falafel. it's all over the place, and everywhere it's awful.
-mexican. my kingdom for some black beans and guac! (on a side note i ate el myr for my last meal in atl, and it almost killed me.)
-anywhere that serves fake meat

oh how i would kill for some village pizza right now.

i miss most of you, so you should call me cause it's free for me, and you don't live in a country where your money is worth 1/2 as much.
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